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 Stud_Pe The Portable Executable editor

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Broj poruka : 724
Lokacija : In my dream
Raspoloženje : Happy
Datum upisa : 12.07.2008

PočaljiNaslov: Stud_Pe The Portable Executable editor   Pon Avg 04, 2008 8:34 pm

Stud_PE does not execute loaded exe in any way, when "looking" at it!
You won't get infected looking at infected files;
The only way to run loaded exe is by presing "Test'it" button on bottom of Stud_PE,which
will perform Shell exec command;also take care what plugins you use on loaded exe;

v [2 apr 2008]
-fixed a bug with imported functions name lenght;
-added external signature verifier; writed a note about signatures;
-fixed RVA2RAW for UPACK which has EP inside PE HEADER; now imports are shown fine;
-added basic disassembler from hexeditor right click menu;
-fixed showing which export is in fact a forwarder to other dll; like HeapAlloc in kernel.dll;
-added process memory dumper/viewer; right click on the process you want to inspect; you can
use dissasambler (from right click menu inside the hexeditor) to see how the code looks at
certain VA; the difference from other (dumpers LordPE, ProcDump, PETools) is that it can dump/view
code blocks protected with PAGE_GUARD or NOACCESS flags. Stud.PE.v2.4.0.1.rar


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Stud_Pe The Portable Executable editor
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