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 Beijing 2008

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Broj poruka : 724
Lokacija : In my dream
Raspoloženje : Happy
Datum upisa : 12.07.2008

PočaljiNaslov: Beijing 2008   Pon Avg 11, 2008 2:53 pm

Beijing 2008

Release Date ............: o2/o8/2oo8
Company .................: SEGA
URL .......................:
Disks .....................: 1 DVD
Languages ...............: MULTI5 (ITA/SPA/GER/ENG/FRA)
ISO Format ..............: Alcohol Clone (MDS+MDF)
Protection ...............: Securom 7.37.0012

Olympic Games - the oldest competitions, to this day remains the major sporting event for the whole planet. For them terminated otmetayutsya war and political differences. Summer Olympiad in 2008 hosted the capital of China - Beijing. Sports Beijing 2008 project, is fully devoted tremendous competition, gives everyone a unique opportunity to personally take part in competitions, speaking for the home country. Come back home only with the "gold"!

In Beijing 2008 represented all the major competitions Olympics. They have been subjected to harsh reaction test, endurance and coordination of players. Mance with the management is easy, but the win will not be easy. The path to the pedestal of honor invariably overshadowed by the bitterness of defeats, but he who fights until the very end and never surrendered, necessarily will succeed!

* An innovative management. Various competitions test reaction, coordination and endurance player. In some competitions have to carefully spend its forces and carefully choose the time to shoot forward. Others resemble musical attraction, where the rhythm is of paramount importance. Still a focus metkost and visual acuity.
* At your best Olympic stadiums. Beijing 2008 - this is an official project on the Olympiad in 2008, so all virtual competitions take place at the exact copies of real stadiums.
* Dozens of intense competitions! You can fight for "gold" in one of the 38 disciplines, among them find a place gymnastics, table tennis, judo and even kayakingu!
* Build your own sports career. Sami make schedule of the day and develop its national team agility, strength, endurance and speed.
* Prove superiority of their country worldwide. In Beijing 2008 has everything necessary for network Olympics. Table Leaders available to players from all over the planet, and if you lead it, learn about the millions!
* Compete with your friends! Up to four players can participate in a variety of competitions with one screen.
* You will not miss a single detail. Thanks to a new generation of graphics technology Summer Olympics presented in detail. Athletes move and behave точь-in-точь as living, happily without success violent and seriously worrying over the defeat.

Download: bei-08.part01.rar bei-08.part02.rar bei-08.part03.rar bei-08.part04.rar bei-08.part05.rar bei-08.part06.rar bei-08.part07.rar bei-08.part08.rar bei-08.part09.rar bei-08.part10.rar bei-08.part11.rar bei-08.part12.rar bei-08.part13.rar bei-08.part14.rar bei-08.part15.rar bei-08.part16.rar bei-08.part17.rar bei-08.part18.rar bei-08.part19.rar bei-08.part20.rar bei-08.part21.rar bei-08.part22.rar bei-08.part23.rar bei-08.part24.rar bei-08.part25.rar bei-08.part26.rar bei-08.part27.rar bei-08.part28.rar bei-08.part29.rar bei-08.part30.rar bei-08.part31.rar bei-08.part32.rar bei-08.part33.rar bei-08.part34.rar bei-08.part35.rar bei-08.part36.rar bei-08.part37.rar bei-08.part38.rar bei-08.part39.rar bei-08.part40.rar bei-08.part41.rar bei-08.part42.rar bei-08.part43.rar bei-08.part44.rar bei-08.part45.rar bei-08.part46.rar bei-08.part47.rar bei-08.part48.rar bei-08.part49.rar bei-08.part50.rar bei-08.part51.rar bei-08.part52.rar bei-08.part53.rar bei-08.part54.rar bei-08.part55.rar bei-08.part56.rar


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Beijing 2008
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