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 Ryan Cabrera - The Moon Under Water (2008)

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Broj poruka : 724
Lokacija : In my dream
Raspoloženje : Happy
Datum upisa : 12.07.2008

PočaljiNaslov: Ryan Cabrera - The Moon Under Water (2008)   Sub Okt 11, 2008 6:55 pm

Ryan Cabrera - The Moon Under Water (2008)

“The new album “The Moon Under Water” is quite a different experience
than any past record I have ever done!! You will hear a new but
familiar sound coming from this album.. I have spent about a year and a
half writing and recording what I think is my best work to date! I
wanted the album to be a rollercoaster of genres and experiences..i
wanted to surprise people and confuse people.. I wanted a high energy,
emotional, real that only hearing one song, wouldn’t be
enough! This is my first album off a major record label, and I decided
to keep it that way, by paying for the entire project myself!! Which
gave me complete creative freedom! I wanted this project and record to
be a personal and honest one which people can feel a part of…haha and
nothing to do with stupid hair!! -Ryan”

After conquering radio
and the pop charts, Ryan Cabrera is now moving onward and upward in
pursuit of what has always mattered most to him making the music that’s
in his soul, and now with a greater musical and lyrical maturity as
well as the confidence that comes with his success in music. And he is
doing so by breaking with the major label system and taking the reins
of his career to independently produce and market his third album …


1. In Between Lights 3:56
2. Enemies 3:45
3. Say 3:38
4. Rise (The Dog Barks) 5:20
5. Sit Back, Relax 3:41
6. The Tango 3:21
7. How Bout Tonite 3:42
8. I Shoulda Kissed U 3:43
9. Say You Will 4:15
10. Please Don’t Lie 3:24
11. I Will Remember You 3:17

Artist: Ryan Cabrera
Title: The Moon Under Water
Label: Frolic Room Records (Independent Label)
Genre: Rock
Bitrate: 185kb/s avg
Time: 00:42:03
Size: 58.5MB
Store Date: 2008-05-00

Release Name: Ryan Cabrera-The Moon Under Water-(Advance)-2008-ASHLEESiMPSON

Download Ryan_Cabrera_-_The_Moon_Under_Water_2008.rar


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Ryan Cabrera - The Moon Under Water (2008)
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